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Pain and suffering

Do you remember your last injection?

Probably not.

Me? I remember my last four injections. In great detail.

Last year I got a Hepatitis A boster, since I only had 95% immunity. It was a very unpleasant experience: intense pain that lasted for 10-15 seconds, and that culminated in me declaring that I was about to pass out. And then I passed out.

Injections 3 and 2 were last week: polio and typhoid. Not pleasant, but not terrible. I did lie down after the first one, just to be safe, but I was fine. The injection sites were sore for awhile afterwards, but it was a fairly decent experience, with a great nurse.

My most recent injection was today: a tetanus booster with diptheria. Because you can only get them as a package deal now, apparently. And my experience? Tetanus HURTS, people! It hurts A LOT!

To be fair, it was a very short burst of pain, which is what kept it manageable (and me conscious). But what sucks is that my left arm is now really sore. It hurts to use it for lifting or carrying things, and it still pulses with small, sharp bursts of pain every now and then.

All this is in aid of 2 1/2 weeks in Goa, India for part of our honeymoon. And all I can say is: it better be worth it!

If you could see me sitting here typing, you'd laugh, because while I'm trying to type in my customary manner, I'm also trying to keep my arm immobile so it doesn't hurt. My typing style is unusual at the best of times, and I am sure I look even odder now.

But it HURTS!

Time for some ice cream to numb the psychic pain. Better to eat it before my final dress fitting tomorrow, than afterwards...

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You forgot to mention the blaspheming and leg shakin'.


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