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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding



While showering this morning I was reflecting on our honeymoon-cum-moving itinerary. To my delight, I counted 10, yes 10, separate flights. I'm wondering if I should take a special log book with me to record the flights, the type of plane, the captain, runway, weather conditions etc. But if I bring this up with Laura it may lead to a pre-divorce (that's the kind of divorce that happens before your married).

For my fellow jet-heads: AKL->HKG, HKG->BOM, BOM->GOI, GOI->BOM, BOM->LHR, LHR->ATH, ATH->CHQ, CHQ->ATH, ATH->LHR, LHR->DUB. Ahh.



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Blogger LauraR Says:

We will get you a log book. You are a geek, but we will get you one.


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