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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


A highly sentimental New Year's prattle

This time last year we were 2 weeks out from our first milestone - the-leaving-of-jobs (and the end-of-income), 6 weeks out from the-getting-married and about 10 weeks out from the-leaving-New-Zilland.

It was a crazy. Other people have accomplished more in less time, but they didn't have as much stuff to sell / discard / put in storage as we did nor were they burdened by a well meaning but not overly efficient wedding planner (me).

But we did it: we left our jobs, we wed (the weather came to the party), we sold / discarded and put in storage, and we left in March bound for Dublin via our honeymoon.

Now we have been here about 9 months. We've moved houses 3 times, but finally found a place to call home. We have a car (currently broken and at the mechanics) and two jobs (one each) and I guess you could say we've settled in.

We've also done a fair bit of travelling around Europe both for fun, and for retracing-where-your-family-came-from. Some of us (not me) has been to Canada and London (twice) for work. Others (me) just walk to work across the Liffey.

We spent a quiet Christmas together (photos below!) at our apartment and enjoyed all-your-favourite-foods meals consisting variously of artichoke heart casserole, salmon rissoles, potato latke and (for me) all manner of horse-radish based condiments.

And last night, we saw the year our at Bertram's (one of Laura's colleagues, from the Netherlands) apartment, his girlfriend Roberta from Sicily, his sister (also Dutch), an Irishman, and a New Zillander lately from New Plymouth. Roberta, a gracious host, had prepared a delicious meal, the highlight of which was two different kinds of cannelloni.

After leaving (very late at this stage), and together we Martin (the Irishman) we walked into town along Pearce St through the Docklands - a revitalised area with brand new apartments and office buildings cheek-by-jowl with abandoned Edwardian splendor. Then up into O'Connell St (the main drag) where the night's casualties were spilling out of the bars (and out of their high-heels) and into the soft rain (soft rain is a legitimate type of Irish rain). And then the final mile, along the LUAS track and back to Smithfield.

A good night to end a great year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Xmas 07



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Blogger claireee Says:

Happy New Year to you both - and by the way, your hair is looking fabulous Laura.

Missing you both and wishing you were here :)



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