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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


I'm not one to blow my own horn...

... but back in the day I took it upon myself to trial very new technology at my place of work and stream a radio station - bfm - over the internet. Things took off, and my contribution was forgotten...

But now it has come full circle...

Today, a red-letter day, we had our broadband installed. And our TV, and our phone. At this building we have "triple-play": TV, phone and broadband delivered over fibre. We have fast (3MB/s) uncapped broadband that works (this is not necessarily common in Dublin, so we're lucky!).

And so this evening I am listening to bfm (using my over-complicated setup, but that is unimportant). I'm not worrying about how much traffic I'm sucking down; for once I couldn't car less.

It's 9 am in NZ and I'm listening to law line on Mickey Havoc's breakfast show. Oh the nostalgia. The halcyon days. The heady heady times.

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