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Ahhh, weekend!

I've kicked off my work shoes, finished my conference call, and once I send an email or two, it's officially the weekend. Yay!

More importantly, it will be my birthday weekend 'o' fun. I plan to relax and let myself be spoiled by David as much as possible. There will be some knitting (a very small sub-group of the Dublin SnB-ers are coming over tomorrow, since our regular spot is closed for the long weekend), sleeping, eating of yummy food, and some beer-drinking in a pub. I also expect that I will open a present or two from David. (I love presents!)

We're still tv-less, which makes our neighbours' music & general noise that bit noisier. Hopefully it will be delivered on Tuesday. But ever-resourceful, David's planned to rent some DVDs to play on his laptop so I won't be entirely deprived of screen time.

In household-related matters, we now have a home phone. Which means, if you promise to be cognizant of the time zones and not try to monopolise us as we get ready for work, you will be able to call us and not need to re-mortgage your house!

So it's 6.32, David's at the pub with his workmates, and I'm about to settle down to read his book and relax. (Yes, his book - sadly, I don't have one of my own on the go.) Have a lovely weekend!

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Anonymous Sara Says:

Happy birthday to you today Laura!! Sorry I couldn't make SnB yesterday, I was designated driver to my da and fiance to bring them to matches and collect them from matches and all that so was whizzing around the place.Hope it all went well!


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