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Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Anticipation, and a question

Tonight we met up with Isobel, who has very kindly lent me her copy of the latest Harry Potter. It wouldn't do not to keep up with one of the subjects of my Masters research - but I'm waiting until the paperback comes out so I can buy a copy for my matching set.

At any rate, Isobel is a rockstar, and I can't wait to start in on Harry. Yet wait I must, because I need a decent chunk of reading time to get myself started. After all, it's the final book in the series, so it needs to be savoured. I think I'll get up early tomorrow and rush into work, savour the last bits of anticipation all day, then come home early (because of the early start) to read.

So that's the anticipation. My question is this:

Which would you find more disturbing to see at a petrol station:

A. People smoking and carelessly flicking their ash everywhere, with a staff member joining in for a quick puff?

B. Bottles of wine on special?

I can't quite decide for myself...

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Blogger Violet Says:

What did you do your Masters in, and why is it disturbing to see bottles of wine on special?

Blogger Laura Says:

Hi Violet!

Masters in English.

Wine on special is usually all good to me - it's disturbing when it's at a petrol station, given the whole drink-drive problem.

Blogger Lien Says:

That's nuthin'. They used to have drive-through liquor stores in some parts of the US. (Heck, some states may still do.)


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