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Catching up

It's been ages since I've last posted, so I have lots of little things to post about.

My trip to Vancouver
The trip was great - tiring & very informative, but I also made some time for fun. I didn't see loads of Vancouver itself - or the surrounding areas - because I was based in Burnaby/Coquitlam. What I did see, I liked. It is a beautiful place.

I also loved the fact that it was so culturally diverse, with lots of different peoples and their cuisines. Without my intrepid co-eater I failed to fully take advantage of the food - he'll have to tag along next time so we can do that.

There was a lot to learn at work - my predecessor departed in October - so I should be kept very busy for some time.

Apart from the shopping (which was excellent, I must post a photo of my yarn acquisitions, which were impressive on their own!), the bit I enjoyed most was staying in the hotel, with all of the little niceties that went with it (but that I didn't have to pay for). Like having fresh towels and sheets whenever I wanted them, and never making the bed. Ah, heaven.

Work is good. Busy, but good. I don't foresee a slow period anytime soon.

Although the people at the office all work for another company (owned by the same parent company) - apart from my Irish boss, 3 days/ week - they are very nice to me. The location continues to be sub-optimal, but our new car really helps. Once I have a better feel for, and more confidence around how big the car is, I am sure my commute will speed up even more.

Finally I've managed to make some time for some knitting. In addition to my stash increasing more the longer I don't knit, I also wanted to make some progress on my current WIPs. There are only 2 - a scarf for my brother's mother-in-law (yes, still going), and a shrug in bamboo. My photographer is at yoga as I blog, but I look forward to posting some photos of my progress soon.

It looks like we have a new house lined up. And by "house", I mean "apartment". We sign the contract and move in on 25 July. So if you're planning to send us anything soon, please don't - or email me for my work address. (Yes, An Post can be that slow.)

I am looking forward to a decent night's sleep (lots of roadworks near here at the moment make it noisy, along with all the other noise-makers). And tons of storage. And a place that isn't on the road, or low down, so you don't get a fine layer of black dust (soot?) on everything that's left out.

I am also looking forward to the carpark in the building. Our interim solution is a park in a building only approx 1km away, but it will be nice to be close to the car, so it's quick, and safe.

So that's about all for the moment. I could complain about how I can't understand a word that Irish people from the country say (sad, but true - the dearth of Irish people at my workplace means I'm less familiar with the Irish accent than I should be), which makes it funny when they hit on me; or I could talk about how my fellow Dublin-based drivers are very timid at roundabouts.

In fact, I could go on at length about any number of things. But I won't. David's at yoga and he'll bring me a kebab for dinner, and we have no laundry to do. So I have some free time to try to catch up on my email, my Facebook profile (how do you people have time to do all that and everything else?), and some knitting. And it's only 1 1/2 hours till Britain's Next Top Model....

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