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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Smithfield or bust

We've kind of made it and we're mostly moved.

We're also exhausted.

The Golf in toe, we embarked on a mammoth shopping mission of glasses and microwaves and drying racks spanning two large shopping centres - then we moved several loads from Temple Bar to Smithfield.

Everything was slightly difficult. It's hard to find a park in Temple Bar, and the lift there stopped working. In Smithfield, our access keys here haven't been programmed correctly, so we can't easily use the lift in the carpark to get to our apartment. And someone keeps parking in our carpark. And of course it drizzles constantly.

Lots more to say, but can't manage it. Going to have a bit more Pinot Grigio and go to bed.

Just after I re-admine the view from the roof terrace.


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