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The Big News

Hey, people! I have news - in fact, it's The Big News we've previously alluded to!

(Note: capitalisation in the title and the text above was intentional. This is Big News, people!)

Drumroll please...

I have a job!

(Sounds of a crowd going wild.)

Actually, I've had the job for a wee while now - last Wednesday I got word that the company were preparing an offer for me - but I wanted to wait until it was a bit more official. Which it now is.

I'm the web marketing manager, but with responsibility for offline marketing and communications as well. My boss is in Dublin, but my colleagues are based elsewhere. I have a 40-minute bus commute (blech). As for the company? well, because I want to continue to blog, but I don't want to get dooced, I will only say that the company is North American, and has recently expanded into Europe. Oh, and that it isn't any of the usual suspects. If you want to know, you will just have to email me personally to find out (slack emailers, this is a hint - you know who you are!).

At any rate, it's great news. The mood chez nous has lightened considerably since I heard the news. All of a sudden, the do-nothing days seem too few and far between.

I start on Monday next week. On the following Sunday, I fly to Vancouver for a 2-week meet and greet/training session with my colleagues there. Hoo golly!

So I've been trying to relax and enjoy the down-time, but also to get ready for what will be a very busy first month at work.

One of the most challenging aspects of the preparation has been shopping for work clothes. I'm not sure what the dress code is, but I know I can't just wear jeans and sneakers - and most of my work clothes are now too big for me. So I spent yesterday afternoon, and all day today, shopping for a few items to tide me over until I figure out the dress code. I'm too tired to blog in any detail about the shopping situation here right now, but I will say that it is exhausting.

So... that's my news. It is such a relief to be employed again, even if I'm terrified at the prospect of the new role and all it entails (and the thought of the commute bores me to tears). Yay job!

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Anonymous Worsted_knitt Says:

Congratulations! I hope you like the job. Sounds interesting at least!
Will you come knitting on Sat?

Blogger Laura Says:

Thanks Lumia! I will definitely be there on Saturday - think I'll head straight to the Summerhouse at around 12.

Anonymous Nell Says:

Yay Yay Yay!!! Congrats to you! Sounds like there'll be enough to keep you entertained for a while, and a trip to Vancouver as well!!! nice! :o)

Blogger Lien Says:

Congratulations! It sounds awesome. Aren't you glad you held out for something that better suited what you wanted?

Now, if only my job search would get some results! Aargh.

Blogger Laura Says:

Thanks Nell and Lien!

Lien: I'm hoping I have some left-over good-job-mojo. If so, let's try to transfer it to you @ KIP.

Blogger Violet Says:

Congratulations! It sounds like an interesting job - a mixture of technical and creative roles. I'd love to hear more about the kind of work you'll be doing.

Anonymous Sara Says:

well done!! Many congrats. Am i right in that your job is out near to me (West of the city...)


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