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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Goa a-go-go

So we've been in Goa for a couple of days. Briefly, it is hot, busy, dusty, and yummy.

So far India has been less of a shock to our systems that I'd anticipated. They do say that Goa is less Indian than other parts of India - I don't know if it's true, but it has been easier to adjust to things here than I'd expected.

It is really hot all the time - except when we're in our suite with the A/C on. But the heat is quite pleasant in a way - and I figure we need to stock up before moving to Ireland anyhow.

So far we've had great food in a variety of places: our guest house, restaurants, beach shacks... All Indian food mostly, and all delicious. As I'd suspected, "no chilli" is not really an option, so I'm getting used to spicier curries than I would've eaten at home.

The pace here is slow, and we're slowly unwinding to match it. It's such a change for us: no set timetables, no se tasks - just time to spend together as we please.

And now, a word or ten from my travelling companion...


Exciting: seeing the rocky mountains and cliffs as we flew over Burma, eagerly watching channel 53 of our in flight entertainment (the flight information channel) to make sure I didn't miss the exact time we left the Indian Ocean and flew over India (I saw some lights on the ground - some remote place), seeing a thunder storm from above (tried to take a photo, didn't work), driving (well, being driven) anywhere as it is complete chaos, wondering if the next meal will be the one that poisons us (but doesn't it taste great), wondering if the next mosquito bite will be the one to make us sick - but the night market was fantastic and there really are a lot of hippies (young and old) who have made Goa home - and it's true what the Lonely Planet said - Indian tourists come to Goa and end up buying handicrafts from the white hippies who live here.

Now we are going to organise a spice planation tour, then go to a beach shack, order some drinks and use their complementary beach chairs while we go for a swim in the warm warm sea!

- David

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Anonymous Nat M Says:

Hey Lilienthals! Good to hear you seem to be having a great time :-) It's raining here so enjoy all that heat and sunshine! Am trying very hard to get my communication hat back on - watch this space and your inbox :-)) hugs and all that: nat

Blogger Violet Says:

I remember having wonderful seafood meals in Goa. I really hope you like seafood.


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