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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


We made it!

To our plane, and out of NZ, I mean.

It was touch and go a few times - realising how tiny the baggage limits are, and how expensive and extra 10 kg each would be over 10 flights; frantically cleaning our apartment the day before we flew out... you get the idea.

Yet somehow, we managed to get it all together.

Now, we're in Hong Kong. So far, we love it: cheap designer knock-off bags at street markets, great public transport, good food everywhere. It's not nearly as crowded or smelly or disorganised as I'd been led to believe. However, English not as widely spoken as we'd been told, either.

We don't have much time left here - just enough to do a few important things like go to The Peak, get Lili some chilli crab, and visit a few yarn shops. (Like I said, important things!) Then tomorrow afternoon, we're off to Goa, via Mumbai!

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