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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Hot stuff

We are hot stuff, baby.

It's been in the mid-30s since we've been here. In the shade. (That's Celsius, which means HOT, especially after Auckland, which struggled to get to the mid-20s all summer long!)

And so we've tried to take it easy. None of the locals rush, and now we understand why: too damn hot.

Instead, we've been lounging and lazing, drinking lots, eating a little and trying to stay out of the direct sun for awhile. In spite of our best efforts and loads of sunscreen, we *both* have tans.

Yes, I have a tan. For the third time in my adult life. I'm slapping on sunscreen like it's going out of fashion, but photosensitivity from our anti-malarial drugs has kicked in.

We've been having a great time, and are just about ready to move on to our next stop, Crete.

The only thing that hasn't been hot here have been the curries we've shared. My very generous husband gets them without chilli for me :-)


In the spirit of the book I have just finished rereading (Midnight's Children) which has the "Most Charming Man in the World" let me warn you about the "Most Rotten Man in Goa".

Unfortuantely I don't remember his name, but he is an "ear cleaner" at the Anjuna Flea Market. I have ear cleaner in quotes because what he does is not cleaning, only trickery. He makes it appear that copious amounts of wax are coming out of your ears, then shows you this little card where it states that one should pay him Rs 250 for each "stone" he removes. He then proceeds to remove four "stones" from your ears and in a completely unintelligible I-suppose-English tries to tell you about the composition of the "stone" and the various health problems the "stone" will give the bearer.

So he tried to rort me for Rs 1000. That's NZ$40. I'm not going to say how much I paid him, before I made my escape (with him protesting and protesting) but I consider it a tax on my stupidity. (Laura did much better and managed to evade 2 "ear cleaners" - I think because she didn't want anybody poking around in her ears - and fair enough too!!!).

Stay away from the Most Rotten Man in Goa - you have been warned!

-David- dirty ears still

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