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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


We did it! #3

The wedding day was just wonderful.

Like many couples, we'd had some stressful and anxious moments, and at times we'd wondered if eloping wouldn't have been a smarter choice. But looking back on it all, I am so pleased we persisted, worked through the toug stuff, and had the wedding that we did.

Thanks to our good doctor's prescriptive abilities, I'd had a great night's sleep, and had managed to shake off the rising fear and panic of the night before.

(Tip to all families of prospective brides and grooms: when you ask how they're feeling, and they look increasingly nauseous as you keep asking, they're not feeling too good!)

David left early to pick up my veil, which had been omitted when he picked my dress up the day before. After a quick drop-off, he set off on his errands, which left me alone at home, ostensibly to relax.

Instead, I tidied up in the kitchen and bedroom (doing dishes = very bridal), and had about 10 minutes' reading time before Eddie the hairdresser arrived. Che and Katie followed shortly thereafter, and the preparations began properly.

The time went really quickly: before I knew it, Brent had arrived for his hair intervention, and then Mark and Reiko arrived to pick Che, Mum and the flowers up.

I'm usually a low-key, no-fuss kind of girl, but I really loved having my hair and makeup done! I'd originally thought I'd have very low-key, natural makeup, but ended up with quite a glamorous look. It reminded me a lot of dress shopping: I thought I'd wanted a plain and simple dress, and ended up with a very elaborate dress with lace and beading, and a train.

We felt like movie stars as we drove to the ceremony. As we arrived, we were snapped by our photographer and videographer, and a number of random bystanders.

Walking to meet David, I couldn't stop smiling. Not a gentle, bridal smile - a HUGE grin! He looked so handsome, and I felt so happy to be marrying him. I'm not sure what surprised him more - how I looked, or that I remembered my vows without prompting!

A lot of the rest of the day is a happy blur of hugs, congratulations and photos. Some of my favourite things about the day are silly, little things - like giggling when our celebrant talked about our love blossoming, and having to keep kissing for the photos (it's a tough job, being the bride!).

One of the hardest things to get used to was being the centre of attention and having everyone compliment me on how "beautiful" - or, if they were boys, "hot" - I looked. (Again, a tough job, but I managed!)

It was such a wonderful day for us that I can really understand why people talk about the wedding day as being the best day of our lives. But I think I agree with Mum's speech: it may be our best day yet, but I hope we will have many more, even better days to come.

I wonder how long we need to wait until we can renew our vows and do it all over again?

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Blogger Violet Says:

Congratulations on making it through all the stress of wedding planning, to the big day! It sounds like you had the perfect wedding.

Blogger The Editter Says:

surely you can post a photo of the dress now? pretty please?


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