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City livin'

Somehow we both slept through the arrival of the Queen Mary 2 this morning, but I was delighted that we could see it berthed from our apartment. This is because it's too big for the normal cruise ship berth next to the Hilton (which we can't see), so they parked it up at a container terminal.

It is the biggest ocean liner in the world, but not the biggest cruise ship - there's one cruise ship that's bigger, that's the RMS Big Nuts.

We were home in time to see it leave tonight. It reversed out of its berth and swung around so that it was hidden behind the Scene 3 apartments (an important example of neo-communist-council-flat architecture). While there, the fireworks display was unleashed. I had expected the fireworks to come from the ship, but they came from somewhere near the viaduct. I guess that's because it was our fireworks for them, rather than the other way around.

The fireworks were pretty good, then 10 or so minutes later, the QM2 steamed off towards its next destination full to the gunnels of rich Amercians and diesel. As I speak it is out of view somewhere off Kohimarama following the shipping channel. Soon it'll round North Head and that's quite cool as it will in tower above Devonport (on the far side) and that looks surreal. Oh, here it goes now!

I'll miss living right in the city with such a great view. But there are always pros and cons. A con that comes to mind right now is some moron booming bass in a very unncessary way from their car or apartment across the road. It's not that cool and it doesn't pick up chicks but there is a constant stream of young men who haven't worked this out yet.



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