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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Beginnings and endings

We're in a curious state of flux: looking wistfully back at what we've done - much of which we probably won't do again - and looking forward to new and exciting things in our future.

The beginnings are obvious: new wedded state (new jewellery!) , new life overseas, with (hopefully) great new jobs.

The endings are perhaps less obvious, but everywhere I look, I see "lasts". We had our work-related lasts almost a month ago now, but the personal lasts are coming thick and fast too. For example, we saw and said goodbye to some of my out-of-Auckland relatives after the wedding (hi Aunt Mary, Uncle Pat, Auntie Margaret, Uncle John!), and perhaps some of our families' friends too.

And as we pack - and boy, do we have a LOT of packing - we're constantly having lasts, sharing memories, and saying goodbye to things - and, at times, parts of our pasts.

Packing is hard work: choosing what to keep, throw away, or give to someone else (hey, Auckland City Mission, you know we love you, don't you? Our constant donations of black sacks full of goodies are probably a good hint!). There's a certain an amount of emotion involved.

Packing is even harder when you're already a little emotional (wedding, big move, in desperate need of a holiday!). I've been known to bring out the tissues every now and then.

In the midst of all the turmoil - emotional and physical, because our apartment is a tip - I've implemented an improved packing/ goods management system.

We have:
- A box full of TradeMe goods, labelled with the price if they're sold.
- Boxes of items to be sent ahead to meet us in Dublin.
- Boxes of items to be sent to us in Dublin when we're settled (aka "short term").
- Boxes of items to be sent to us... when we're ready. Long term stuff.

Most of these aren't labelled yet, so you have to just know what goes where. The boxes that are full and taped up are duly numbered, the number entered in our manifest, (go Excel!) and the goods therein noted beside the number, and the designated length of storage.

Boxes full of items such as kitchen goods aren't just labelled "Kitchen goods" - we're keeping a fairly detailed inventory of what's in each box, so when we decide to have things sent, we'll get what we want.

(I would've done this with the books, but apparently that was overkill. I don't think Lili understands the pervasive nature of learned home librarianship.)

As we pack, the clock keeps ticking. This time last week, we were celebrating our marriage. This time next week, we'll be in Gosford, preparing for our post-wedding celebratory luncheon. The week after that, we'll be back here in our apartment, cleaning furiously. And the week after that, I think we'll be in Goa.

Tick, tock... Back to the boxes for me.

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Blogger Violet Says:

I wouldn't have the patience to make a complete inventory, but I reckon it's the wisest move - even with the books and especially if they're rare or expensive to replace.


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