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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


The calm amidst the storm

Today we had a tidy apartment.

Correction: today, we had a tidy apartment between 11am and 4pm.

"How does that happen?" you might ask. And well you might.

We had potential tenants view the apartment today, so we needed to tidy. And after the viewing (more of which later) we went out, and didn't come back until 4pm, when we brought home boxes containing some of the remainders of my childhood.

Hence the tidiness window.

Now, a note on the viewing: rental agents, not necessarily so intelligent. Where was the talking up of the fabulous apartment? Where was the thorough - or, hell, halfway decent - knowledge of the great features of the apartment, and the building?

I, on the other hand, would make a superb rental agent. I know how to highlight the good stuff, and spin the bad stuff. I also know how to remember property details - or at least read them off the relevant sheet of paper!

Anyway, the people were interested, apparently, which is good news. Tenants = mortgage payments made. And we looooove mortgage payments being made. L-o-v-e, love.

I've just spent a few minutes semi-restoring the tidiness, in case these prospective tenants fall through, and others are shown through while we're away. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's all for nothing though...

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