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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Give Up Yer Auld Sins

I'm a little late to this but discovered it on breakfast TV this morning (who would have thought I'd learn something useful on the otherwise forlorn Ireland AM).

Basically the story went that back in the 60s a school teacher in Dublin (Ms Cunningham) had these bible stories and she had the kiddies read them out and and she taped them. Somehow the tapes fell into the hands of a radio guy and he made them into a CD which did very well. Then Brown Bag Films (which is not 100m from here in Smithfield) made an animated short movie for it which was screened all over the place and nominated for an Oscar. I think they're now available on a DVD for xmas, I think. Anyhoo, so I you.tubed it and they're fantastic. I love them! The accents & the stories themselves, deadly!

... and more on YouTube.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

they're brilliant, I have the DVD and can't watch it enough!


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