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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


It wasn't originally what I wanted like, but now like, this is all I want to do like.

See this clip (just the first minute or so) for a good example of a pleasant Dublin accent (I would say Co. Dubiln north of Malahide, but I'm no expert). Notice an interesting language feature: the continual repitition of the word "like" to add emphases and join phrases together.



for this post

Blogger Yvonne Says:

My guess would be South County Dublin, but I'm no expert either :)

Blogger Yvonne Says:

Ok, I checked. She's from coolock. She doesn't sound like it though.

Blogger david Says:

Haha, I'm closest so I win! (I picked it because a girl at work has a very similar accent and she's from Donabate) like.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Heh, I still can't differentiate accents after 5+ months of living in Ireland. I can vaguely guess someone from, say, south Ireland (Cork and such), but the rest all sounds the same to me.


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