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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding



We were there last weekend. Up at 4.00am ish for a 6.30am flight. We were at our hotel by 8am and amazing they had a room ready for us (it wasn't a good room and we had to move but anyways. Also the greeting: 'I'd like to welcome yous to [hotel name here] was not befitting of the establishment.)

It's a nice place, historical like. The castle reminds me of the Acropolis - like the LP says: the massive piece of rock, on which the castle sits, looks like it has been flown in and placed there for dramatic effect. But wow!

The eatings were good and well priced and the weather was mild. The Euro being at yet-another-all-time-high against the pound, we thought it was a good time to buy a Nintendo DS (ostensibly to help with all the long flights coming up - the other night I played space invaders against a random opponnent on the internet - amazing!).

The only complaint I'd make is that there is no river: there is a large valley with bridges spanning it to connect the old city and new city. But the valley is barren and features a train station. I understand that in ye olde times, the valley was flooded with a lake / loch (man made or natural?) into which all the foul effluences and pustulances of the city were poured. Slideshow here.

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