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There is no jam

So my plans for taking over the world - or at least our cupboards - with homemade jams and pickled onions are currently stalled, due to a distinct lack of sufficiently small jars available for the jam. We don't eat loads of jam anyway - and my recent conversion to a moderately healthier way of eating won't exactly increase our consumption - so small jars are in order. Short of scoffing everything in our cupboards that's in a small jar (yes, I did seriously consider this), I'll just have to be a bit patient.

Of course, pickled onions are perfectly good in large batches - but in a fit of generosity, I've decided to deal with one preservation project at a time. I'm sure that David will be quite relieved to read this.

I've used the additional time to knit, which is a fairly good alternative to preserving. I have one new garment ready to wear (just waiting for the photoshoot, ahem, David?), and tonight I plan to cast on for another.

However, the knitting hasn't completely quashed the urge to get creative in the kitchen. I know that pumpkins are not really viewed as food by the general public in Ireland, but they are certainly fit for consumption. Looks like it's time to make some pumpkin pie!

(If I find/empty enough small jars in time, I'd be able to make up extra pie filling and use up the space in the freezer that all those blackberries & rhubarb bits are currently occupying. I'm just saying...)

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