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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of geekiness for the following important messages:

- It is officially winter in Ireland, because the wind is bitterly cold and it's raining less. Also, I haven't seen an exposed midriff in several days.

- Naming a colour "pearl" is misleading when it's actually a pale purple.

- This Is Knit are throwing an opening party tonight to celebrate their new city-centre store. It's close to lots of touristy sights, so I'm looking forward to dragging any visitors there, especially if they don't knit.

- Our car was broken into last weekend and our beloved GPS was stolen. We have learned numerous lessons from this - including, but not limited to the following:
* Don't leave any sign of a GPS in your car.
* The service entrance to our building leads right to our carpark.
* Leaving the service entrance open *is* like an invitation to thieves.
* Security in our building *is* as crappy as we thought.
* It is possible to drive around Dublin without a GPS just in case - but not to places you've never been to.
* Someone will eventually clean up the broken glass in your carpark if you leave it long enough.

- The most delicious catering in all of counties Dublin and Kildare is from Tiesan, which is owned by the husband of a lovely knitter. They do beautiful-looking and delicious-tasting stuff, and you should order from them now before everyone else does. (Disclosure: they brought a free catered lunch to my office - which everyone loved.)

- Amsterdam is great, and has the best felafel in Europe so far.

- It is the season for pickling onions. I'm about to buy some jars and set aside my own store of deliciousness. Anyone have a great recipe to hand?

- I knew David was a geek, but his last few computer posts? Seriously geeky. Too much time on his hands methinks. Time to give him a refresher knitting lesson...

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Laura, you're soooo sweet. Wagner and Patrick and me (thanks for the lovely knitter bit :) are really glad you and your office buddies enjoyed that! Hopefully see you tonight at TIK. Cheers, Marta


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