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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Food, glorious food

A little while ago, I posted the omnivore's 100. I am proud to announce that in spite of general squeamishness, I can add eel to the list of things I've tried.

(It tasted strong & gamey. I'd comment on the texture, but I got a fatty bit, so I don't think it'd necessarily be representative.) If you're in Dublin and want to try eel that won't make you gross out, I recommend Aya. If you're a knitter, it is conveniently located across the road from the Powerscourt, where This Is Knit II has opened up.

(It was a great opening party, if you didn't go, you missed out. And not just on eel!)

Following my triumph over eel, we continued in the spirit of wild and reckless eating with a spot of blackberry picking on Dalkey hill on Sunday. It was sunny but cold, and the nettles and thorns on the blackberry plants weren't entirely cooperative, but we managed to get around a kilo of delicious, organic blackberries.

Cleaning the berries was a little gross - teensy slugs etc. - but worth it. The crumble was so good, I might even share a wee recipe. And I definitely see blackberry jam in our future...

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