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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Produkty Polski

The Polish supermarket is the Asian supermarket in Auckland in Dublin. Next door we have one by the cinema. Shopping, today, I purchased some essentials.

Greetings & baba z wozu koniom lżej!

Cheese dumplings and halva for 50 euro cents.

Horseradish plain and with the beetroots - a must have accompaniment to all foods

Herring in the Jewish way



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Blogger Jagienka Says:

these dumplings are great with sour cream or onion sizzled on the frying pan ;)

Have you tried BIGOS yet? And fasolka po bretońsku?
Got to try them!

And Kubuś, a thick fruit/ vegetable juice, yummm ....

And the bread - got to try the bread!


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