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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Smithfield photos (not mine)

I found some good photos of Smithfield on flickr; take a look. This guy's stuff is pretty good, so have a look around at his Dublin set too.

Slow day at work I here you say...



for this post

Anonymous Andy Sheridan Says:

Thank you for your support, I'm glad you like my shots of Dublin and Smithfield. It's alwaysd nice to hear!

Should you be interested, I have arranged an exhibition opening next week (Wednesday 5th November @ 6.00pm untill Sunday) in the Joinery on Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, where I've gathered 14 of Dublin's Flickr users (including myself) each of which are exhibiting 2 pieces. All of the shots are taken around Dublin. The exhibition is called Dublinr, and more information can be found at the following web-site: www.dublens.ie
Hopefully we'll see you there. Thanks again for your interest in my images.



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