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All Pain No Gain (Irish) Budget '09

See this for a good summary.

Lowlights include:
  • a 1% supertax on all gross income up to €100,000
  • tax on savings increased from 20% to 23%
  • an annual levy of €200 on car parking facilities provided to employers by their employers (random!)
  • capital gains tax increasing from 20% to 22%
  • VAT (i.e. GST) standard rate increasing from 21% to 21.5%
  • Motor tax increasing between 4% and 5% depending on the car
  • Petrol tax increasing by 8c a per litre
  • Excise duty on wine increased by 50c per bottle; but no changes to beer or anything else (random!)
  • Air travel tax of €10 per passenger for all departures from Irish airports; a cheaper rate applies to shorter journeys under 300 kms


  • Aside from increased tax on ciggies and betting, nothing.

Seriously, could this kind of budget ever be passed in NZ? Would the ruling party not be doomed for next 50 years?



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