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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Qiero dos cafe con leche por favor

Barcelona: Roman city, capital of the Catalan region, sparkling jewel on the Mediterranean, home of Modernisme, tapas, an airport with two runways, and a couple of great camera shops.

We enjoyed a lovely 2h10m flight over courtesy of Aer Fungus. The weather was clear (well, as soon as we left the British Isles it was) and from my window seat I watched as we zoomed along the French coast, then over the Pyrenees (what a view!!!) and finally along the Mediterranean coast and...

...three good days of sight seeing, tapas eating (my favourite was razor-shell clams a la Rick Stein), coffee, hot chocolate and cava drinking, walking and shopping. Most of the photos are still sitting, unborn, in my bag. But a tiny taste:

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