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Sizes of Auckland vs. Dublin vs. London

Earlier this month I compared Cornwall Park to Phoenix Park.

Now let's compare Dublin, Auckland & London in a really unscientific way:

- London is the aqua-coloured blob. I took the area that Google Maps called "London", so I assume this is the conurbation of 'Greater London' which doesn't include commuter cities like Surrey.

- Dublin is the brown/purple blob at at top-middle of the London blob. I've included the populated parts of the greater Dublin area.

- The green/yellow blob on running down the left of London is Auckland. This is probably the least accurate because Auckland is really spread out and in an awkward shape due to all the harbours. I've probably been a bit too generous with Auckland, including all populated areas in all directions - really the full extent of the greater Auckland conurbation.

So wow - Dublin is kind of small and Auckland is really spread out, even on the London scale.



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