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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Dublin can be Hell

(Apologies for the crappy mobile phone, out of focus, and badly lit photos)

Sometimes bad things happen and it's not your fault even though you didn't give way 100% properly on the driving test ... and then you walk to the John Gunn on Camden St to process some film and you find that a popular NZ pizza chain has inexplicably opened up in Dublin. Yes. NZ pizza chain. Dublin. Go figure.

So it was a couple of weeks ago when I discovered Hell Pizza on Wexford St (it's really Camden St - or the "street with a thousand names").

Along with smoothies, bagels, sushi, gourmet burgers and all-over body waxing - the modern Pacific-rim trappings we took for granted are slowly migrating to Western Europe and it's hott.

Last Thursday, after Laura's haircut, we finally gave in. Wow - with Macs Gold (Speights too, but less excited) & kumara fries (it's pronounced koom-rah not koo-ma-rah) the pizza was somewhat incidental. The menu appears to be 100% exactly identical the same as back in NZ - right down to the breaded brie.

So if you're in the area, go to Hell, I think you'll like it.


And now I implore you Burger Fuel Inc - you're in Dubai for god's sake - come here too! We will patronise you! Oh yes we will patronise.

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