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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Garden of Delights

As Lisa Loeb said:

I see the lights move on the ceiling
And I see the stars up in the lights
I see the moonbeams on your forehead there
And I think about the Garden of Delights

And although that has nothing to do with food per se, I would be lying if I told you I wasn't excited about the eating prospects back in the old AK of NZ.

Dublin, bless it, has really come a long way in things gastronomic: one can get decent sushi from at least 3 places, there are a number of good and reasonably priced Italian outfits (complete with good Italian winelists and Italian staff), there's good French-style cafes with excellent pastries, there's a we'll-custom-make-you-a-sandwhich place every 20m (hardly an exaggeration) and of course it's a fush and chup lovers heaven.

But sushi aside, Dublin's biggest deficits are in Asian food and in the "relaxed cafe"-style type places (think P'Rd or Kingsland). The neighbourhood Chinese greasehaus is more foul than I can describe and it has been scientificly proven that > 2 helpings in one week will immediately give you diabetes. I've been to a popular noodles place (in a Chinatown-like area) where a portion of the noodles was crunchy and uncooked - which becomes even more disturbing when you realise it was intentional and I've been to a Korean place where you can have rice or chips with your main. Ew ew ew.

As for cafes, they are here but the coffee is generally awful (a British Isles phenomenon), the food mediocre to bad, the ambiance lacking and the service poor (then again, you could say the same about a lot of cafes in Paris).

There are exceptions to the above. EaST does fantastic authentic & tasty Korean and the weekday lunch is well priced. Ukiyo's (Korean / Japanese) lunches are also well priced and right tasty. And Zaytoon's kebabs outstrip any Auckland kebab hands down. Brasserie Sixty Six does a mean brunch, usually with great service, and we frequent it often. And the previously mentioned Bald Barista (who seems to have moved a few doors down BTW) does great coffee.

But the AK food guide awardsy thing in the NZ Herald has me hungry and anticipatory:



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