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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding



I'm sure those of you enduring winter will enjoy seeing the comely resort town of Biarritz. It's in the very SW of France, nearly at the Spanish border - that them there's Basque Country.

We had perfect weather and jolly good time: getting (me) / avoiding being (Laura) sunburnt, bobbing about in the gentle surf, eating, drinking cider and taking afternoon naps.

If you feel even the tiniest bit jealous - well don't be - because this is first time I have been truly hot in over a year, and the first time I've swum in the sea since Goa on our honeymoon. And we only had 3 days of it. And although it's warm in Dublin at this moment, the "mini-heatwave" (hur hur) is due to end any minute to be replaced by, well, rain and wind of course. (Slideshow here).

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