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Midnight's Children

I can count the number of serious novels I've read on one hand, so to find that Rushdie's Midnight Children has been named "Best of the Booker" is excellent, as that is the only serious novel I've read more than once (the last time while on honeymoon in India).

I found this on the BBC. Apparently the book is "not the easiest of reads" and this article asks readers to give a summary of the novel in 67 words or less.

This one has to be the best so far:
Quasi religious/magical/political exploration of a society through the
condensed experience of one Anglo-Indian drip-nosed telepathic narrator.
I think it's a great novel by the way; easy to read, entertaining and a real page turner with a good twist at end. This in comparison to Tolstoy's Anna Karenina which I bought in NZ and picked up several times - but to no avail, and also the Harry Potter series which I don't care for.



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