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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Prague & Portmagee

Last weekend saw us (us + Molly & Bryan) on a whistle-stop tour of Prague, made even more whistle stopped by the on-going radar problems at Dublin airport. Without wanting to sound jaded, Prague was pretty much how I expected it to be: river with bridges, central square with church and cafes, fairy-tale castle and hordes of tourists.

It was once home to a thriving Jewish population and the Jewish area - the Josefov - is very close to the main square. It has 8 synagogues, the oldest of which, the Old New Synagogue is Europe's oldest active synagogue - we took a quick tour inside. Legend has it that the Golem, in its deactivated state, is hidden in the attic there.

Some photos here, or slideshow here.

Also I put up my photos (slideshow) of Portmagee. This is the very small town where we stayed for two nights in Kerry. It's cute no?

The weekend after this one we are taking a 3-day holiday in Biarritz (thanks be to Ryanair for flying direct from Dublin to this somewhat famous old-school beach resort in the South of France). The very extended forecast isn't looking good but I'm hoping for some clear and sunny weather - summer in Ireland so far has been a bit ... flat.

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