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The Irish Meteorological Service delivers bad news in a charming, chatty way

3 Day Outlook

Very unsettled and cold weather in store:Very windy and rather cold on Wednesday night with rain becoming widespread and heavy overnight and early Thursday. The temperatures will rise a little but it will be extremely windy or stormy for a time. The rain should clear away later Thursday with extremely cold and wintry weather following for Thursday night, Friday and into early Saturday. There will be sunny spells but with very low temperatures the showers will turn to snow and there could be some significant accumulations of snow especially in parts of the northwest, north and northeast with the risk of thunder also. While the winds will ease somewhat later Thursday it will still be windy at times through Friday and feel bitterly cold. There will be frost and some icy conditions Thursday night and most especially Friday night, when the winds will decrease later in the night. Wintry showers will become well isolated during Saturday but it will be very cold with temperatures only rising slowly after a cold, frosty start.



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Blogger Yvonne Says:

It amazes me how much they can complicate 'Cold, windy, and possibly some rain or snow'. It's obviously because they get bored of repeating the same forecast over and over.


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