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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Rainbow cake deliciousness

Ever wanted a rainbow cake? Check this baby out!

(Kudos to Mariko for this excellent link, and for making her own version!)

Now, if (like David) you aspire to eat super-healthily, and turn your nose up at packaged cake mixes and soft drinks and stuff, you will be grossed out by this.

However, if you like pretty colours in your food, and/or have a deep love for rainbow things (guilty on both charges), you will be able to overcome any aversion to artificial ingredients (and snobbery when it comes to people using a mix when making a cake is stupidly simple) because this cake is both pretty and rainbow-y.

Since I'm determined to make this one day soon, I'm taking submissions on what I could use (as in: available in Ireland) to replace that whipped topping stuff.

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Anonymous Katie Says:

I could mail you some Dream Whip (it's like that whipped topping, except in powdered form -- you add milk to make it up), or you could just use sweetened whipped cream... The whipped topping stuff is really, really light. But the kind that comes in a can isn't robust enough, so don't try that. ;)


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