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Adventures in scanning

Through a glass darkley
Originally uploaded by djcult
As I think I mentioned, I bought a medium format camera on holiday and since we've been back I have a scanner too.

Scanning, I've discovered, is a major pain in the backside and if there is one reason to have a digital camera, it's to avoid scanning.

Anyhoo, after buying a special new film holder for the scanner to hold the film flat (film flatness, not easy) and spending a good 2 hours tonight adjusting little screws in increments of 0.2mm (no kidding), I can now can get sharp images!

The next major problem is color correction. I don't have my own printer (and can't really be bothered with one) but my lab (not being a pro lab) doesn't have a colour profile for their printer - so I've got nothing to calibrate against. That's probably as well, because if I did I'd need to get a colorimeter to calibrate my screen. That's just more stuff - eventually Laura will kill me, or I'll have no desk left, or both. So I did some test prints today, and I'm going to go for the "hold it up to the screen and compare" kind of colour correction.

So here are some of the scans I've done: 2 x Vancouver and 1 x Grandmas. You might have seen them on my regular albums already, but that was before they were sharp.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/djcultdjcult/3255129323/ (sharpish)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/djcultdjcult/3317718996/ (actually sharp)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/djcultdjcult/3314961026/ (still not sharp, needs redoing).

Schlaf schön!

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Blogger Yvonne Says:

I am jealous of your negative scanner, mainly because my wedding photos are in MF, and really expensive to get scanned.


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