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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Worldwide 08 - some photos

I've been home all week with illness. Kind of an extension on the already long holiday, but it just prolongs the anti-climax of going back to work, so it feels kind of odd - a kind of purgatory. At least it's been nice sitting in the apartment, watching Discovery and the snow falling outside - so much snow!

On holiday I bought a 2nd hand (well, of course) Contax 645 which is a medium format film camera. I also bought a scanner so I could scan the negs myself. So, as well as other photos, I've uploaded some of the scans. It's a bit disappointing because although the negs are pin sharp, the scans aren't and that's mostly because the negative strip won't stay flat in the film holder. Kind of annoying. But as a first try I'm moderately happy.

Look out for a joint food diary style posting with photos. It might be a couple of weeks due the post-holiday chores backlog.

Slideshow here.

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