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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


I call it: Shamrock shaped puff balls

Tomorrow we leave this emerald isle with its cold Christmasyness and its enmistyments for another island: sparkling in the sun and bathed in the warm frigid waters of the South Pacific.

This island, the island of Ireland, with it's 32 counties, 4 provinces, and 504 local council regions, 2 motor tax offices, its castles, churches, public houses, tuna & sweetcorn sandwich filling, incredible density of convenience food stores, stout, all brand new cars and dirty buses, all not-quite-snowing and nice-try-but-no-attempts-at-Continental-style-Christmas markets and all dark nearly all the time, has housed us, nay sheltered us, nay protected us! from fate's weary blows but now launches us into the sky and carries us away... but all the time dropping little shamrock shaped puff balls as we go so,

    that after our adventures in ramen, bullet trains, new babies, nihongo o hanashimasu, flat whites, mince and cheese pies, seasonal allergies, in-laws, out-laws, by-laws, coleslaws, sunburn, dangerous rips, boysenberry ripple, grandmas & gefilte fish overdoses, extreme weather conditions, aren't they polite? & costco.

....we can find our way back (by following the puff balls).



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