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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Lighthouse Cinema

Dear Lighthouse Cinema

Congratulations on opening your new Smithfield cinema on May 9. I can't believe my luck at having a brand new 6-screen art house cinema literally next door.

Wouldn't it be a nice gesture (and a clever business idea) to acknowledge the residents in Smithfield Market who have been inconvenienced by the cinema's construction. Of those residents, I can't think of any more deserving of compensation than my wife and I. For my wife's part, she was very much restricted in her movements due the obstructions (objects and persons) in and around our car park. Speaking for myself, I think it was the dirt that most got me down. That and the sound of circular saws first thing in the morning as I walked my wife to said car park (also the builders made me feel self-conscious in my suit - but maybe that says more about me than them?).

Anyhow - we are prepared to accept any token, no matter how small. (But I'd suggest 6 complimentary tickets for me, and a large popcorn for my wife).

On the positive side, I am very much looking forward to patronising your cinema and already have this months program. Regular movies will be a comfort to me during the next two weeks as my wife is leaving me on account of her work.

Yours expectantly
Mr Liliwedding



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