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ipod Battery Replaced

My trusty ipod mini's battery had completely died and I was permanently tethered to my USB port for power, but for the low low sum of $US9.79 (= about €6), including delivery, I had a replacement battery sent from Hong Kong.

It arrived this morning and came with two screwdrivers to aid in the replacement.

You ply the white the covers off the top and bottom (which, if you're me, causes a little bit of damage to the plastic, but not much), then unscrew two screws at the top of the ipod - unfortunately the screwdriver supplied was not quite the right size for this job, but Balaji in IT lent me another.

Then you disconnect the motherboard from the touch wheel module and slide the motherboard out (it's quite impressive to behold the 4GB microdrive - it's impossibly tiny).

The battery replaced, it was reassembled in about 2 minutes. And now I'm free again.

What I'm wondering is how anyone can make a profit from selling this kit, and posting it, for €6.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hey cin. Let us know how your cheap battery works out. I did the same thing but used another company for my ipod mini battery replacement and it was $29. i guess from the sound of it the only difference was my kit included a blue tool that quite easily popped off the white end caps (no scratches, bites out of the plastic!) and it came with instrucions (color photos, crisp, too!). i paid more for it than you so hopefully it last a long time. Thanks again take care.
-meow Laura


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