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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Nature abhors a vacuum

Holy batman! This tired blog has been laying bare, strewn, left adrift, abandoned.

But we have not sat still. We have not been slothful or lazy. We could be reclining on our oversized couch, enjoying apertifs from our oversized coffee table and watching cable TV from either of two locations. But we're not. Every day, at dawn's crack we heave ourselves into the cold morning (well. one of us does - the other gets in the car and drives to work with the heat on) and give ourselves over to Dublin Bus. We toil away at our workplaces and watch the sun set over our afternoon tea. And then again - into the cold night - the unforgiving cold night.

When we do see the sun, it is from the warm bosom of Ikea and her inexpensive cafeteria. We must fortify ourselves with meatballs, gravad lax, almondy cake and €1 hot chocolates. We must live better through technology - even when that technology is kitchen drawer organisers that aren't designed for your kitchen drawers and have to be tortured into shape. And we lug flatpacks 10, nay 100 times our own weight like so many weary ants.


This weekend we promise to take photos of the new digs. Stay tuned.



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Blogger Morgan Says:

You eat meat now? :(

Blogger david Says:

Nope. I go for the gravad lax, the salmon, or the cod.


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