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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Cork,Glascow and beyond...

A few snaps from Cork below - we travelled there a few weekends ago now. It's a nice city. It seems much more livable than Dublin with a nice foody studenty vibe and great coffee.

Last weekend travelled to Glasgow. I haven't upload the photos yet as not all are developed, but check this out - action packed or what?

It was a pretty cool city but the weather was awful. I caught a cold (or the cold I already had set in). Both flights were quite hairy as it was very windy. We disembarked our plane at Dublin and had to run the 100 metres to the terminal in more or less a full storm. Oh for a walkway thing :-(.

Anyhow, we've booked an apartment in the Marias (yes Carol, we did copy you a little bit) over Easter which I'm very excited about. Paris is just so great. It will be great to go back for the 2nd time - you kind of know your way around and can focus on exploring. Plus with an apartment, we have a kitchen, so we can buy food at markets, cook it, and eat it.

I have no other news of substance except to say that as we speak my parents are moving out of the parental homestead for greener pastures so I'll never be able to see that hold I drilled in the laundry for my home-built room burglar alarm ever again. That's life I guess.

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