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Cinnamon patrol

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Build an ipod (kind of) for €53.96

With iPhones still expensive, and with the climate, and having broken my trusty Pocket PC (that's for another post) I think I've assembled the next best thing - and ipod kind of.
  1. First take a Samsung Tocco from Vodafone. For the low-low price of €10.00 (on a €20.00 a month plan for 12 months), and even though the phone is a year old you get a lot: it's tiny, has a rad touch screen, it's 3G, and it comes with an optional leather flap that flaps over to protect the screen - no accesories required. I bought it online, they delivered it to my work the next day, and they switched my number across (yes, number portability!!!) the next day. All done.

  2. An 8Gb microSD card from ebay for €14.01 including postage from the UK. 8Gb! 14 Euro! This takes me back to my first 20MB MFM hard drive...

  3. A pair of Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth headphones for €29.95 (including postage) with "dogtag"-style remote for wireless musical listening. Unfortuantely they haven't been shipped yet. The "store" I bought from on eBay turns out to be one man, who "isn't home [and can't post them] until Thursday" - not impressed.
That's €53.96 or $NZ124.907 (at mid-market cross rates).

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